United States Awning Company has been installing hurricane protection on Southwest Florida homes and businesses long before the hurricane season of  2004. Many companies popped out of nowhere after they witnessed a huge spike in potential money making opportunities. We have been a Florida mainstay for over 50 years. When you want storm and hurricane protection done right the first time and need a local company to be there when you need them, you can depend on the quality and experience only a company like US Awning can provide.

"The World's Most Compact Rolling Shutter"

The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System is the compact entry into keeping your homes safe from Florida's legendary strong winds.

Storm Protection

The Nautilus can be electrically or manually operated with the capability of using a single remote to operate up to twenty shutters. These durable shutters are available in 4 colors; White, Ivory, Bronze, and Beige.

These shutter are not only used to protect from the storms, but also as security for storefronts and other counter top applications. The shutters are permanently attached and easy to operate giving you the peace of mind where heist is needed.

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